Gameday Media

Team Posters

Team Posters are an impressive way to display large photos of the team alongside the season schedule. Every Team Poster is custom designed with the school’s specific look in mind. Schools display Team Posters around the school and hand them out to fans, students and other local businesses.

Schools who receive Team Posters from Gameday Media also receive a large cash donation, no strings attached. There is zero cost to teams for receiving Team Posters. This donation allows athletes and coaches to spend their time on training and academics instead of fundraising.

Sponsorship advertising opportunities

A handful of local business sponsors are featured on every Team Poster. Sponsorship is a great way for businesses to show support for their local team. It’s also a good way to gain valuable exposure in front of a highly engaged audience. Plus, parents are more likely to support businesses they see supporting their team!

Sponsors receive free ad design, revisions, and consultations. You can see examples of advertisements we’ve designed here. An experienced graphic designer will work with you to create an effective advertisement to drive sales for your company. From concept through revisions and printing, there is never any cost to your business.

“From sales through the design process,
Gameday Media did an awesome job!
I highly recommend them!”
Susie D.
BBB Reviewer